Clarity Guitars

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All of these were created for a fake company called Clarity Guitars. If I had to pick one I would go with the ad focused on white space. I could see it in a magazine.

Presenting Woodcraft

Sublimation presentation slidePhoto taken by yours truly.

Text Effects

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Picture Frame

Everything created in Photoshop. Gotta thank pshero, textuts, and envato tuts for providing solid, free tutorials. I can feel myself becoming more powerful by the day!

Mock Posters

Daily poster ex
An old assignment for college. You wouldn’t believe I found that printer and broken chair right outside my classroom!

Another old assignment. If you put the highlighted bits of code together they spell something.

If anyone plays Pokemon, there was a move called “Substitute” and when used the onscreen model turned into an adorable plush. I might make a t-shirt with the same concept, not too sure yet.

Aria Theatrical Release
Because I’m a nerd, I practiced making a theatrical poster. I used one of my favorite anime of all time Aria The Animation (which I highly recommend watching, along with it’s two other seasons and several OVAs). Potentially turned out more like a flyer but I’m proud of it regardless.


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