Future Funked Up: What is Future Funk?

There's a certain allure that foreign songs have and I can't quite figure out why. Maybe it's because the lyrics are no longer a distraction? Different melodies and rythms crafted around another tongue? Only music majors will know. Whatever it is that pulls me into music from outside the U.S., it has drawn me in... Continue Reading →

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Urban Sprawl: Build, then build some more

A rapidly growing human population is fueling the perpetual motion machine powering construction. The very construction that's messing with my daily commute and constantly changing my surroundings. Ordinarily I would just ignore construction sites. They're always on the other side of a concrete barrier. If need be, there is a detour set up so you're... Continue Reading →

Well it’s about time

If 2017 wasn't the largest, most violent game of tug-o-war you've ever seen, then you must've had your back turned the whole time. We've seen controversy brought up by the media before, but I can't remember the last time there had been such widespread public disapproval to anything like we saw this year. On top... Continue Reading →

Severity Level: It’s all bad

We are slowly losing the capability of using discretion. There's no threshold anymore for what's bad and what's not so bad. Sure life is complex, and trying to ascertain something as simple as right and wrong becomes an issue of perspective, context, intention, and emotion. Applying a level of severity is even more troublesome and... Continue Reading →

Being a Loner

Having identified as a "loner" of the lowest degree, I often wonder if it's ok to stay this way. Being conscious of the fact I choose to be a home-body rather than a socialite stirs an internal debate. Is this self-aware nature going to counteract any negative consequences of my seclusion? Will there be any... Continue Reading →

The Harm of Generalizing

Browse through social media, or any site that lets you leave a comment, and you're going to find someone spouting on about how "-insert group- is this and that and they should all just burn in heck." Maybe you'll see some "Oh that's so typical of -insert group-, it's always the same with you people"... Continue Reading →

Nostalgia Buys

Recently I bought a cassette tape from a music artist I wanted to support. I've never owned one before as they were already phased out for CDs by the time I was born. So now I'm here with a cassette tape and no Sony Walkman. But this purchase got me thinking about what I like... Continue Reading →

Internet Trends: Where to go

Nobody knows what will go viral next. People try to make online content that will be the next trending topic, but the people of the Internet work in mysterious ways. Understanding Search Engine Optimization and knowing your target demographic are helpful skills, especially for someone looking to work in the field of Social Media. But... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Missions Baseball

Minor league baseball isn't something you hear about everyday. It's local, and for some, it's intimate. Never in the spotlight. However today I want to shine a light on a team that has had a soft spot in my heart since my first time attending a game at Nelson Wolff Stadium: the San Antonio Missions.... Continue Reading →

A Complaint: Long Hair

After over two decades of living with at least one female in the house, I have come to the realization that, along with my lengthy eyelashes, I'm also really irritated by long hair. The way it likes to get stuck between/around toes when you walk around barefoot; the way it sticks to socks and eventually... Continue Reading →

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