Nostalgia Buys

Recently I bought a cassette tape from a music artist I wanted to support. I’ve never owned one before as they were already phased out for CDs by the time I was born. So now I’m here with a cassette tape and no Sony Walkman.

But this purchase got me thinking about what I like to spend my non-existent disposable income on. One thing I’ve noticed is that I really like old things. In particular, smaller objects that are easy to store or display in mass. Keep in mind the cassette tape I bought is new, but it’s the kind of object that’s old.

During 4th of July me and several family members took a day trip to Gruene, Texas, a little town just north of New Braunfels where the biggest attractions (arguably) are the dance hall, general store, and the Gristmill restaurant. While in one of the antique shops I stumbled across old spice containers for around $4. They were tin, square, and were labeled in such a way they would never pass through today’s marketing teams. But I really liked them. For some odd reason I really wanted to spend the $30 it was going to take to buy all them. Those kinds of items are dangerous.

Simply by being aged they have a unique character and look. It’s one of the biggest draws of antique/old items. I’m starting to wonder what my future home is going to look like when it’s full of knock-knacks from the 50’s.


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