Life Lessons

Life lessons come to us at the best of times and the worse of times. Some people go through hardships that reveal to them major issues impeding on a potentially healthy lifestyle while others observe and follow in the footsteps of those who have already done the hard work of learning.

But what is a life lesson? How do we define an idea or advice so important so that it becomes a widespread, unwritten rule within society? And is it really something that is applicable to modern human society as a whole?

I don’t have any numbers on just how many branches of world culture there are but I do know one thing: each culture has its own set of values to live by that have developed over generations. Senses of right and wrong; how families are raised; how people eat; how people communicate; and what we believe is important in life are, for the most part, different from country to country.

Personally, I think life lessons are meant to make your life easier. One lesson that comes to mind is “Agree to disagree.” I’m rather fond of this concept because I dislike arguing. Life would run so smoothly if I never had to deal with someone staunchly and stubbornly pushing against me (or anyone else for that matter) on an issue of little to significant importance. Rather, if we could agree that we don’t see eye-to-eye, share our reasoning behind our opinions, and compromise, I think we would all get along better.

Of course if everyone abided by life’s teachings then they would also be making others’ lives easier as well. I suppose you could say life lessons can make everyone’s lives easier. So back to the question: Are life lessons applicable to modern human society as a whole? I would say no because those lessons are defined by the people of each culture and can’t always be applied to every person.

What if we had a set of Rules for Humanity? Not so much based in religion (although when holy scriptures support peace and happiness I don’t see why they can’t be included) but instead these “life suggestions” are relatable to today’s society and modified to reflect how we interact with each other on a global scale.

Here are just a few I think are broad enough of and relate to the bulk of communication done today:

  1. If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it online.
    Anonymity & the eliminiation of close proximity give everyday Internet users unnecessary power over their interactions with strangers.
  2. Keep confidential info confidential. It doesn’t need to exist online.
    Those same people who will use anonymity to their advantage, if they have the computer skill, will use your personal info against you.
  3. Don’t lump a person with the people.
    We’re all individuals. I’m not the same as every Latino just like you would say you aren’t the same as everyone in whatever it is you identify as.
  4. Never blindly follow one source of information.
    Much of media is biased to drama & people are biased towards their social circle. Now more than ever, get both sides of a story whether it’s national or personal.
  5. Don’t close your mind to the rest of the world.
    Society is going global. Learning about other cultures now will help you understand the world later.
  6. On Twitter, a Mute is a Block nobody knows about except you.
    It’s basically a block without the repurcussions of having the person you don’t want to interact with spouting tweets about how you blocked them to everyone else.



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