Over the weekend me and some of my family took our annual trip down to Rockport, Texas where we stayed on a property right on the bay. Finding places that sleep eight people is pretty easy when all of the houses have two floors and a nice bottom floor bedroom space, but choosing one remains difficult.

Quick aside: our route down to the coast runs tangent to a windmill farm and it’s always one of my favorite sites to see on the way in to Rockport.

First thing we’ve been doing recently is grabbing Day 1’s lunch at Panjoe’s Pizza(link). Since check-in wasn’t until 4 PM, we had several hours to kill so our next destination was the Heritage District. This is where all the touristy shops are by the way. It’s a small stretch only a few blocks long, parking along the street, and is a bit short on greenery for being right up against the coast.

After spending our souvenir funds we headed to our second stop that we NEVER miss: HEB. We spend more on groceries for this one weekend than for one week’s worth when we’re home; and we’re just shopping for dinner and two breakfasts.

And it wouldn’t be HEB without a bird diving down from the open rafters to check out the stock.


On the second day we grabbed lunch (seafood of course) at some local joint and did some night fishing down at our private pier because everyone along a waterline down there has a pier. Basically.

Since we weren’t too far out we caught the usual small-fry fish. Though my dad was able to nab a 14″ spotted trout with some cooked shrimp we bought.

Best part of the property (for us) was the pool table. We’re not professionals—average at best—but when we do start playing pool we play for a few hours straight. Unfortunately the room was a bit too small for us to properly play at one end of the table. Being the critical thinkers we are, we unscrewed one cue stick. We played proper games of pool with 1 1/2 sticks.

Last day consisted of checking out early and grabbing a quick breakfast at McDonald’s (not sponsored) before hitting the road again. Remember, if you went on vacation during Father’s Day weekend then chances are hundreds of other families did the same thing. Our return trip consisted of caravans entrapping us periodically all the way to Loop 410.

Overall is was a good time and we now know a prerequisite for choosing a property the next time we head down to Rockport: needs pool table.


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