Goodbye, Missions Baseball

Minor league baseball isn't something you hear about everyday. It's local, and for some, it's intimate. Never in the spotlight. However today I want to shine a light on a team that has had a soft spot in my heart since my first time attending a game at Nelson Wolff Stadium: the San Antonio Missions.... Continue Reading →


A Complaint: Long Hair

After over two decades of living with at least one female in the house, I have come to the realization that, along with my lengthy eyelashes, I'm also really irritated by long hair. The way it likes to get stuck between/around toes when you walk around barefoot; the way it sticks to socks and eventually... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons

Life lessons come to us at the best of times and the worse of times. Some people go through hardships that reveal to them major issues impeding on a potentially healthy lifestyle while others observe and follow in the footsteps of those who have already done the hard work of learning. But what is a... Continue Reading →


Over the weekend me and some of my family took our annual trip down to Rockport, Texas where we stayed on a property right on the bay. Finding places that sleep eight people is pretty easy when all of the houses have two floors and a nice bottom floor bedroom space, but choosing one remains... Continue Reading →

Lofty Expectations

Nothing is more fearsome or damaging to a person than inner turmoil. I'm currently trying to get over a nasty hurdle impeding my job hunt: a lack of confidence mixed together with a fear of disappointing my employer. I have high expectations of myself when it comes to being an employee, which I think is... Continue Reading →

Future Funked Up: What is Future Funk?

There's a certain allure that foreign songs have and I can't quite figure out why. Maybe it's because the lyrics are no longer a distraction? Different melodies and rythms crafted around another tongue? Only music majors will know. Whatever it is that pulls me into music from outside the U.S., it has drawn me in... Continue Reading →

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My Voice is Peaking (for the moment)

I'm not going through puberty. Not anymore anyway. This isn't about my speaking voice; this is about the voice I weave into every word I type. Since starting this blog for my own personal pleasure, I've poured more thought into each blog post than any unecessarily complex, outlined college paper I turned in. Reading and... Continue Reading →

The World Isn’t That Mean

The "World" is deceptive. It shows us things we wish we could forget. It urges us to seek out new ideas. It makes us question the mundane, the ordinary, ┬áthe extraordinary, and the unnecessary. The "World" creates an image of itself for us to see, approve, and accept in our minds. Then the "World" throws... Continue Reading →

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