Temporary Peaks

It's that itch that needs to be scratched. Once something has peaked you're interest, a desire grows within you to satisfy it. I've had more moments of temporary interest in my life than grains of sand in my shoes from that one time I thought running on a beach would make me lose weight faster. I've decided... Continue Reading →


Traffic: Nightmare Fuel

Like the title? I like the title. Recently I've started commuting during the morning rush hour with the rest of my working class comrades. The only silver-lining is that San Antonio traffic isn't nearly as bad as other locales (looking at you LA, NY, Houston, Dallas, and the entirety of I-35). This new exposure got my... Continue Reading →

Watching Cartoons and Anime in College

Imagine a world where you can wake up on a Saturday, make some burnt toast, sit down on the couch, pop open your laptop and watch The Amazing World of Gumball or My Hero Academia and not have your mom/roommate ask you "What are you watching?" For far too long there's been a stigma about watching animated... Continue Reading →

Cook for Yourself

How often do you think about cooking a meal, realize you're 5-10 minutes away from a drive-thru and hit that up instead? Every. Single. Day. It's nice knowing that even if you don't have the will to stay alive through cooking or eating a slice of bread, you can always commute to your nearest fast... Continue Reading →

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