Fiesta: A Tradition

I've grown up in San Antonio. I was born and raised on the Far West Side for most of my life; yet I only just discovered how deep the city-wide party known as Fiesta runs through the veins of my fellow San Antonio natives. For 10 days out of the year my hometown puts on... Continue Reading →


What I Wish I Knew Before Graduating

Stepping out the door and into the real world can be overwhelming. Be grateful that many colleges and universities have resources to aid in the transition from student to working professional. College helps prepare you for a career with more than just lectures. At UTSA for instance, there were a multitude of opportunities to start... Continue Reading →

Why wait for Opportunity?

Ah my graduation ceremony, the glory days. In reality it's been just over four months since I got my Bachelor's of Science in Communications and I have only just taken my first steps into a brand new internship (two actually, but I couldn't justify two unpaid positions so one had to go). In this short... Continue Reading →

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